Building Cohesion Through Music & Fun

We Sing U Sing does exactly what it says. We sing and U sing with us. Our tutors are experienced musicians and singers who work as professionals in the music industry, both in the UK and abroad.

As well as working as professional musicians, they have undertaken training as educators and work throughout the education sector, polishing their skills to the level whereby they are able to conduct 1 day  – 13 week music education courses, designed to bring out the best in their students.

Consistently it has been shown pupils who take part in the We Sing U Sing programmes display a higher level of achievement, discipline and self-esteem. This has been shown to improve the participants all round abilities in all of their school activities and classes as reported by many teachers and head teachers.

We Sing U Sing believe that creating, rehearsing and performing music through singing can help to achieve improvements in a person’s self-esteem, no matter the age, ethnicity or status. It is our belief also that we can bring about cohesion in our communities, no matter how diverse in nature through a common goal.

This is what makes We Sing U Sing programmes so unique. Our smaller performances help to build confidence and promote achievement and satisfaction amongst our participants. Our larger shows combine all age groups and abilities and leave participants with lifetime memories of performing in large prestigious venues.

Our aim is to get everyone singing!