The We Sing U Sing team have been invited on a regular basis to conduct gospel choir workshops in Europe and further on an annual basis. Gospel music and gospel choirs are a very big deal in many European countries with individuals and choirs often turning to the UK as the closest source for authentic Gospel music. To date We Sing U Sing have conducted projects in Poland, Denmark, Germany, France & Italy to hundreds of enthusiastic participants. We Sing U Sing offer 3 – 5 day projects that end in a concert performance.

The Workshops Include

  • A brief history of Gospel Music
  • The journey from Slavery to hip hop
  • Teaching basic singing technics
  • Breathing technics
  • Unison singing
  • Harmony singing
  • Holding notes confidently
  • Understanding rhythms
  • Voice strengthening
  • Confidence
  • Solo singing

We Provide

  • Songs in mp3 formats
  • Lyric sheets
  • The time table for the workshops
  • A tutor and keyboard player for the duration of the project
  • A band for the concert performance