A Full Day Of Fun!

These are special day-long sessions. The We Sing U Sing team come into your school to present music in a fresh and inspiring way.

Session one is an Introductory Assembly

This session is for all the key stage groups.

The hour session includes

  • A brief history of Gospel Music
  • The journey from Slavery to hip hop
  • Teaching basic singing techniques
  • Teaching the assembly a song providing full participation
  • Getting volunteer soloists to perform
  • A performance of the taught song to finish the hour

The day is split into two more sessions subject to school timetables.

Session Two with KS 1 and Session 3 with KS 2.

The two sessions can be repeated for the two key stage groups, but we present the session according to the children’s abilities, maybe teaching them different songs.

These sessions involve

  • More intense singing techniques
  • Discussion on music past and present
  • Teaching the group a further two songs.
  • Musical games
  • An “X Factor/Britain’s Got Talent” session
  • Performance of the songs to end the session.

At the close of the day, we bring the school back together to demonstrate what the various groups have learned.