See Your Children Blossom With our Seasonal Programme!

We Sing U Sing (WSUS) will work out a timetable with the school in question to deliver music sessions. This project will last for the entire duration of a typical school term, approximately 12 weeks.

The programme includes:

  • 1 x full-day intensive
  • 10 x 1hr 30 min sessions
  • 1 x soloist preparation session
  • 1 x performance 45 min preparation 30 minute show

We are very grateful to the “We Sing U Sing” team for the energy and enthusiasm in our weekly practice sessions. The kids always leave with a buzz, and we can see a tangible payoff in improved confidence and self-esteem.

This programme is open to children from Yr 2 through Yr 6 and secondary.

The aim is to bring together children from many different backgrounds, cultures and influences. The enrichment value of the seasonal programme is immeasurable.

We have seen children’s lives changed from this programme. The effect on their confidence has been visible. It has also inspired many on the path to a career in music.

The Full We Sing U Sing Experience!

In addition to the seasonal programme, you have the opportunity to participate in a mass performance bringing all the schools involved together for a memorable performance in a well known local arts and entertainment venue.

This style of project works best with four or more schools involved. We have the tutors and support staff to make the project become a beacon of your commitment to music for children in your area.