The whole project has been simple “AMAZING”! Parents, teachers and children have al enjoyed being a part of the Summer song project. The opportunities that have arisen as a result have also been fantastic e.g. south bank & Blue Peter. We have definitely noted an improvement in the children’s behavior too. Thank you john and all your team for allowing us to be a part of such a successful project, Lana Lea O’Keefe (Deputy Head) Gonville Primary:

Gonville Primary School (Newsletter Report): Over the course of the half term, John Fisher and his team have been leading the “We Sing U Sing” project. Extremely talented musicians, they have been teaching the children about Gospel MUSIC. Over a matter of just weeks we have seen the year group transformed into a vibrant gospel choir. Just before half term the choir performed the songs they had learnt in front of family members, friends and teachers in an assembly. Everyone who saw the performance, were deeply impressed by the quality of the work that had been produced. Particular thanks to John whose inspirational approach to music has had a profound effect on many of the pupils.

The Summer song Project has reinforced key skills that are vital to each of the pupils’ personal development, In a practical and creative way our pupils have learnt tolerance, patience , teamwork and listening skills Our pupils have now embraced the true spirit of singing as a choir with a message for the wider community. I’m sure that these songs and the inspirational message they give will live on in them for many Years. Saundra Clarke (Deputy Head) Gonville Primary School:

Mrs Pyne (Deputy Team Leader) Hatfield Primary: I truly believe that music is for all and this project has been a vessel which has enabled the quietest of children to make their mark in a meaningful and memorable way, which they will remember for years to come. The project promotes self-confidence, challenges and togetherness in a fun, lively and inspirational way. Thank you John for giving my kids the opportunity to experience your musical magic.

I think it’s great because it gives children an opportunity to be individuals and discover their own hidden talents and potential. Likewise they have had exposure to a genre of music they my never have experienced. Ms Agabeg (Year 4 teacher) Hatfield Primary:

Crystal Hewitt (Head of Music) Cranmer Primary School: Andrea at Hatfield put us in contact with John Fisher who runs gospel projects and lives locally. In the full day he was with us he started off with a whole school assembly for an hour, which was appropriate for the whole range of ages. He was so engaging and animated. He talked about black history and songs of slavery. He also talked abut how the origins of black music influence today’s music. We learnt parts of songs and then a whole song. A very inspiring presentation! He then did two workshops with Y3/4 and Y5/6. John even managed to get the Y6 boys moving!! John was high energy and very positive with the children. He also gave children the opportunity to sing solo sections in front of the year groups. It was fantastic to see the influence a strong, positive, black, male role model had on our children. The children were still talking about him weeks later and singing the songs he taught us around the playground.

We Sing U Sing has been fantastic for our children. They have gone from being shy singers, afraid to open their mouths to confident singers, standing tall and singing with pride and passion. It is a joy to see. Jon Stevens (Head Teacher) Green Wrythe Primary:

Beverly Dixon (Head Teacher) The Link Primary School: Taking part in ‘We Sing U Sing’ has been the most trilling and motivating experience for the children at the Link Primary school. These special children have dedicated time and risen to the challenge of learning nine wonderful songs in as many weeks. Many thanks to John Fisher and his team who have captured the hearts and minds of these children, enabling them to be included in what can only be a super performance at the Fairfield Halls.

Many children physically uncoordinated at first have improved and the class some more motivated and disciplined John has a great mix of humour and discipline, which left the children engaged The tutors are very professional, and let the children know that they have high expectations for the class, and clear progression through the workshops can be clearly seen. Esme Johnson Gloucester Primary St Mary’s: